6 Must-Follow Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative venture. Affiliate marketers get to earn commissions from products that he promotes. They do not have to have a lot of money just to start doing business, especially when compared to a company that needs a lot of initial capital to manufacturer and deliver goods.

The affiliate marketer does not need to spend a lot of energy and time trying to come up with innovative ideas in seeking funds and developing a product. Majority of what he does is look for a good product and if he does find it, he promotes it and thus earns money.

The list of benefits is long, but for our purpose we’re going to skip mentioning them for now. Our focus is how we can help him polish his marketing skills and make him get the most out of his resources. To help us do that, we’re going to mention blogs for affiliate marketers that can surely guide him in his business path.

By the way, it’s you that we are talking about. Here are the 6 useful blogs we find very helpful for anybody out there.


Matthew Woodward

We start out with a multi-award winning blogger from UK. That’s Matthew. His passion is teaching and he coaches beginners on how to set goals and accomplish them. He is just so patient that he can teach anyone step by step. That’s what you want especially if you feel something like you are wasting someone’s time by asking many questions. The guy welcomes questions.

For a start, you can go to his site and study his Google Search Console. It’s a free tutorial tool that teaches on how marketers can turbo-charge their data to enhance organic presence online.


Blog Marketing Academy

Next is another guy who is a father of two – David Risley who owns this blog. His methodology focuses on finding the right product that one can successfully sell. So, you will not hear much about writing reviews or using WordPress from him. He will show you the best product that fits you and your marketing approaches. To give you a better idea, read David’s “Niche Profits Finder Worksheet”.



Smart Passive Income

Another gem in the business is this blog, one that is owned by the equally-precious guru in the marketing industry. The name is Pat Flynn.

His method is like “share-it-all”. With that, his audience gets an idea of his journey from the time he quit his brick-and-mortar job. There are secrets in marketing that most people don’t know. This go-to marketing counselor knows them all and he will not stop until you know them, too.

Pat left has nine years of experience to share. That’s why he has YouTube videos and a Podcast series that he uses to reveal a goldmine of information, tips and tricks that he learned through the years.


Shout Me Loud

Some of the most amazing people in the industry are Indians and one of them is the Shout Me Loud blog owner Harsh Agrawal. The name might be new to you, but he’s been running this blog for about a decade now. To his fellow Indian entrepreneurs, his name is an inspiration because he is an ardent supporter of blogging camps in their country.

You can’t get wrong with this man if your interest is SEO. He is a master in internet technology, blogging, driving traffic, AdSense, WordPress and other important stuff related to SEO.


Justin Brooke

If there’s a person worth every moment you spend listening to, it is Justin. You have to catch every single word he says because he speaks the truth. With this guy, you will not waste money or time over some hyped tools that don’t really work.

Justin tends to blurt out a lot of golden information when he’s trying to prove a point against misleading gurus or case studies. When you listen to him, you suddenly realize what you have been doing wrong.

But more than that, Justin is a good counselor who can offer you solutions that work wonders. Just take a minute or two every day to read his articles. Yes, the guy’s a good writer and one that tackles what really is useful for businesses using an online platform.

Follow Justin at medium.com



This is another worth checking out, although it is not a one-man blog like the ones featured above. Instead, they are a team that helps people get useful knowledge from their site with the goal of increasing marketers’ earnings. They are a CPA (cost per acquisition) network that was started by Russian affiliates.

What’s good about these guys is they run a system that is completely original and unique. They don’t borrow ideas. They make their own and test them on their followers. They have the ability to track member progress right within their panel.

These people also write articles, which is interesting for affiliates because they are Russians having a different frame of mind. So their ideas are just plain “new”. Read their articles and you’ll find their ideas to the point and raw.


And yes, these bloggers don’t waste people time. They communicate value every time they write something. They hate fluff. If you have the same frame of mind, these people are the greatest gift for you and your business.

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  1. I can’t tell anything abouts affiliating marketers but in my own knowledge and experuence i can share some thoughts . I guess It is better to know your market where you will promote your products by means of you have to offer to the comsumer the benefits of the doubts that those products are all authenticated and real. And by the use of internet you can bulild many consumers to promote those products. That’s all i can share. Thank you and have a nice day.

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