Importance of An Email List

If you’re new to the world of internet marketing or blogging, you need to know what an email list is.

There’s a very simple formula you must keep in your mind while venturing into this world. More the viewers, more the clicks on your website, more the advertisement revenue as well as views.

How does an email list help in this formula?

Let’s see. An email list allows for an extensive distribution of information to hundreds of denizens of the internet. For a proper working email list, you require a list of email addresses, “subscribers” who must receive those emails, the email messages sent to those very addresses and a reflector which is an email address which, when designated as the recipient of a message, sends a copy to all of the subscribers.

In the field of internet marketing, you must use whatever tools and goods you have at your disposal to sell the items and services your website promotes. The products you promote might range from your own products to advertisements as well.

One of the most important companies whose example is often cited, Amazon, comes foremost with their terrific email marketing strategies leading to hundreds of people making a living by selling Amazon products under their affiliate program.

Various other companies with large online footprints too have affiliate programs and you can sign up to for each of them. You need to promote them to your viewers else you won’t end up earning any revenue.

It’s a very simple equation, as has been stated earlier. You promote, you receive. Your email list must comprise the selected people you’ve chosen to be a part of your campaign whose trust you’ve earned through your unfailing work ethic.

If you’re wondering why an email list is so important, let me clear some points for you.

An email is a personal asset. It is much easier to build a rapport via email than any other form of social media. It is private and you can directly send your email to your reader (if you’re a writer) or your subscriber (if you’re an internet marketer).

Often, people don’t have enough time in their clock to sit down and pick out outfits or everyday necessities— a problem you can get rid of by presenting to them the items that are suitable for them. Once you do that, you automatically gain their trust. From then on, they become dependent on your notifications. They rely on your opinion and purchase the items you present to them.

If you’re having some qualms about email marketing, here are some important statistics I’d like to present to you. Nearly every single person on this planet has an email address. With over 3.9 billion accounts— a number which is projected to reach 4.9 billion in 2017, email is the largest marketing channel outnumbering the users of Twitter, Facebook and all other forms of social media COMBINED. Hence, using email to engage people who want to hear about your products is far more useful than using other forms of social media to do so.

What more evidence do you need to convince yourself of the magical powers of email list? If you haven’t tried this out yet, you’re missing out.

A recent study revealed that a book had sold 15,500 copies sold within two weeks of its release. How many were sold via social media? About 500. The rest? Yup, you guessed it. Email !

Writers use it to promote their books, musicians— their music, people — their products.

Now that it is obvious you need an email list to taste the sweet taste of success, this is how you must build and grow an email list.

A great email marketing service – This is essential for you must send your message to loads of people for maximum coverage.

Sign-up form on your web-page – This is a delicate task for you neither want to clutter your page by filling it with sign up forms nor do you want to lose up on the opportunity of gaining new subscribers. You can add aesthetic pop-ups which catch the viewer’s eye when they visit your website.

Offer something free – This can be seen as a token for the gratitude you feel towards your viewers who invest in you. They have faith in you, wish you well and help your business by purchasing the items you present to them. Offering them something free in return will only serve to strengthen that bond between both the parties.

Email them once a week – A very important lesson you must keep in mind is that if you make the emails about them, they have a tendency of . Send your list an email once a week or so for oversharing ends up irritating them and under-sharing leads to them forgetting about your business.  Aim for a frequency which is consistent and useful.

Asking readers to share as well – if you are consistent and at the top of your game, people will share your business with their friends. However, once you’ve forged a good relation with your list, it doesn’t hurt to ask them to share your business with their colleagues and friends. Your products or your business might do a world of good to the new subscribers the old ones can provide you with. Do not miss out on it.

In conclusion, an email list might do you a world of good for which you must be prepared. Do not, under any circumstance, take it for granted for it might overwhelm you at times with the many technicalities it might beset you with. However, if you’re looking for good traffic on your page, email list is an asset you cannot afford to set sail without. If your goal is to keep your customers happy and to drive sales, you first need them as a part of your audience. Getting an email list is the first step in that direction. It helps you figure out your viewer who might soon become your subscriber.

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