Not Making Money Online… Here’s Why?

You’ve probably spent hours planning ways to make money. You finally have conceived a brilliant idea and gathered a group of enthusiastic people to support you and you decide to use the Internet for promotion. You’ve made the effort to create a website, come up with the best marketing strategies but nothing seems to work. You are not getting expected returns and life feels terrible. You keep reflecting on the things you have done and the things you shouldn’t have done and the probabilities are endless. You are at your wits end. If this sounds like you, read on!

We live in a world that is quite instantaneous in its approach. From instant messaging to instant noodles, we like things quick. When it comes to business or jobs, we look for instant appreciation and results. However success is something that doesn’t come overnight. Internet is a global community. While the community is set to give you the exposure you need, it is also ready to give you serious competition. To thrive with online ventures patience is an important requirement.  One of the primary reasons that might not be allowing you to make money is that you lack the patience to persevere. Once things go downhill, you easily wish to give up and stop trying. However that’s when you need to hold on and amend your ways.

Another reason is people are afraid of making online transactions considering the issues that are often found to come up. There was a time when human connections sprung from personal meetings, real human interactions. Today, we fail to trust each other. While online facilities have connected the world and made things easier, it has made room for cyber crimes too. A lot of users are reluctant to buy products from your site because of the fear of being cheated with bad quality products and money frauds. This psychological hindrance that comes to the forefront in the form of reluctance due to distrust discourages people from carrying out online transactions.

Another psychological aspect that prevents online entrepreneurs from making money is the “playing it safe” attitude. A lot of people fail to realize the importance of moving out of their comfort zone and following their passion. Such a self- friendly attitude is harmful for online business as by consciously following masses, the individual restricts his or her individuality and distinct qualities. However on the flip side, it is also wrong to be overconfident and overlook mistakes. It is important to know and observe what led other people to failures in this field and take care to not repeat mistakes.

Before you begin with something or pursue something, it is extremely essential for you to understand why you ventured out in the first place. Was it the lust to earn money? Or the desire to promote something you love? Whatever the reason might be, it is extremely important to keep reminding yourself of the reasons that propelled you to carry on with this. So that, when disappointment sets in, you remember your reasons and that helps you ignite your persistent side and also helps you go on.

A good leader is always important for successful ventures. People who are experienced and have good knowledge about what they are leading and doing generally are careful with their strategies. It is extremely important to have concrete ideas about such practices and any fault in marketing strategies (that forms the backbone of online marketing) and wrong mentorship can incur losses.

On the technical front, poor SEO practices can be one of those reasons contributing to your problem. But what is SEO?  SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of guidelines to improve website optimization for different search engines and also improve the quality of websites by making it easily navigable for users. You might be an excellent blogger or an online business entrepreneur but without working on the SEO practices, you will not be able to improve your business dealings. To make a business venture online a success, the website needs Internet traffic. Your website needs to be more approachable and it is important to note that Google is not the only spring of Internet traffic. There are many other sources available. All you have to do is avail them!

Another reason that might be preventing good online business is the doubt of post sale services. Some customers might be worried about the services that would be available after the purchases that would hinder them from buying products online. Make sure you advertise your “post sale” services and highlight their flexibility.

Honesty is probably the most important thing for long-term success. Please be honest with your services and transparent about your promises. As mentioned earlier, amidst all the uncertainties and distrust, it becomes exceedingly difficult to trust someone. So if you and your services are being trusted, remind people that not everyone is bad, that some are really good at heart!

Learning has no age. It is that desire, that thirst for knowledge that is required. If you feel the need to brush up your skills – be it marketing or writing, do so!  Technical qualifications and learning always help you to both create and promote things. So brush up if you feel you need to. Each and every form of knowledge helps you grow and teaches you significant things.

Sometimes things do not work in our favor and what follows is a series of terrible anxiety and sadness. But remember, in time all rainclouds break for sunshine. So whatever it is, it’ll work out. Remember the internet community is made of people and to get to people, you have to remember to be human, to be sincere. To sum it up, to succeed in online businesses, you have to stay in LINE…





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  1. Terrific words. Should be considered for annual mandatory read to maintain the guidance at the forefront of our dealings and interactions with people.

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