Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog

While blogging is something pursued by various people in their lives, there are essentially two different kinds of blogging. There are the first set of bloggers who indulge in this in their free time and there’s the other set who pursue blogging professionally. For the latter people as well as others who wish to make a profit out of blogging, whip out your notepads for here are a few quick tips you may practice.


The first and most important way by which you may do so is by making sure your blog receives traffic. When you see that your blog is being frequented by people, you can try out some other ways by which you can alleviate your blogging status. For starters, you can start placing advertisements for products you genuinely like and wish to endorse. You may endorse these products to the people who frequent your blog. If these products ring well with them, they will visit the website you’ve linked onto the advertisement and buy it. The commission that you receive upon selling products for them has to be something that you decide upon. It might range from 30% to 50% or even higher in some cases. Imagine getting $60 dollars for a product worth $120 that you helped sell! Seems like a great deal, doesn’t it? Well, it is.


These two words seem to be quite heavenly amongst people interested in blogging. This is so for Google AdSense is a very simple yet effective manner by which you can make money. The manner in which this works is that once you sign up, it will proceed to place an algorithm on your website. This algorithm decides upon the appropriate advertisement of products which will suit your content on your website. For example: If you write on food, there will be advertisements related to food on your website.

And here’s the part that appeals to most people, you get paid every time anybody merely clicks on the advertisement. The amount you might get paid ranges from $0.50 to $5 per click. With increasing traffic in your page, the number of clicks you receive are bound to go up. Who knows? If the quality of your content keeps increasing with time, you might soon be able to make up to thousands per month! Such is the brilliance of Google AdSense.


Email marketing along with list building is a very important manner by which you may monetize your blog. For starters, you first have to entice people into subscribing which you can make possible by offering free gift cards etc. Once you do have a set of subscribers at your service, you can send them personalized messages each time you launch something. When you notify people of something, you automatically crate an audience for it. Other than that, with the help of banner ads and affiliate links, you can monetize your email campaign too. You may do various innovative things such as an exclusive paid subscription list to update people who might be genuinely interested in what to have to offer.


Another way by which you may make money is by selling ad space. This is something you may do by simply selling a portion of your website to a particular company. You can decide for yourself what a particular space of your website is worth and sell it to a company for that amount. For example: – “$100 for a sidebar banner ad per month” etc. The payment you receive will be in accordance to the amount of visitors you attract. Typically paid in the CPM manner that is $5 per 1000 visits, this archetype is boon to those with loads of audience. However, this isn’t as great a money making technique for those who lack a massive audience. For example: – A blogger with a massive audience of round about 200,000 people in his website will end up making $1000 per month. For someone with a less than five figure traffic however, things could get rough.


This is yet another aspect of blogging that you must check out. If your blog is one that caters to technological products, then creators of new and fascinating gadgets would love their new equipment to be sponsored on your page. If you can do so with gusto, then it creates a win-win situation for both you and you the company you’re sponsoring. However, if badly done, it creates an equally bad situation that is best avoided at all costs.

These are some ways in which you may monetize your blog. For some sceptics out there who find it hard to believe that big bucks could be made with the help of blogging, let me introduce to you the names of Lindsay from, Pat Flynn from who make the amounts of 20,000$ and 80,000$ per month respectively with their blogging businesses.